go-opsi/adobe.flashplayerGeos One Opsi Adobe Flash Player package Daniel Schwager6 years
go-opsi/itwatch.itwessGeos One Opsi itWatch package Daniel Schwager6 years
go-opsi/opsi.opsi-builderGeos One Opsi Packaging & Development scripts Daniel Schwager20 months
go-opsi/brother.mfc7320Geos One Opsi Brother MSC-7320 driver package Dennis Trinks6 years
go-opsi/brother.mfc7360Geos One Opsi Brother MSC-7360 driver package Dennis Trinks6 years
go-opsi/microsoft.capicomGeos One Opsi MS capicom Dennis Trinks8 years
go-opsi/microsoft.hypervGeos One Opsi Windows Hyper-V package Dennis Trinks9 years
go-opsi/openvpn.configGeos One Opsi OpenVPN optional registry changes Dennis Trinks2 years
go-opsi/openvpn.openvpnGeos One Opsi OpenVPN package Dennis Trinks20 months
go-opsi/oracle.java745Geos One Opsi Sky Siebel Dennis Trinks8 years
go-opsi/oracle.siebelGeos One Opsi Oracle Siebel Dennis Trinks8 years
go-opsi/tplink.wn721nGeos One Opsi TP-Link, WN721n WLAN USB Adapter driver package Dennis Trinks9 years
go-opsi/trendmicro.wfbsstd7Geos One Opsi TrendMicro Worry-FreeBusiness Security v7.x, Standard Dennis Trinks6 years
go-opsi/virtualgl.turbovncviewerGeos One Opsi TurboVNC Viewer package Dennis Trinks20 months
go-opsi/windows.2nd-ipGeos One Opsi Configure static 2nd IP additionally to first IP Dennis Trinks9 years
go-opsi/windows.activationGeos One Opsi Windows license activation Dennis Trinks7 years
go-opsi/windows.domainjoinWindows domain join Dennis Trinks21 months
CASANovell CASA Cmake branch Mario Fetka11 years
aio/7zipGeos One 7zip repackaged with Advanced Installer Mario Fetka
aio/adobe-readerGeos One Adobe Reader Package Mario Fetka
aio/aio-builderGeos One AIO Package Builder Mario Fetka8 years
aio/general-runtimesGeos One General Runtimes Package Mario Fetka6 years
aio/microsoft-msvcGeos One Visaul Studio c++ Runtimes Package Mario Fetka8 years
centos/nxlog-ceNX Log ce Rpm Repository Mario Fetka5 years
dbp/bongoGeos One's Bongo Overlay Mario Fetka8 years
dbp/freeipaGeos One's FreeIPA Overlay Mario Fetka8 years
dbp/ifolderGeos One's iFolder Overlay Mario Fetka6 years
dbp/lightscribeGeos One's LightScribe Overlay Mario Fetka7 years
dbp/linamhGeos One's Linux Administrators Heaven Projects Mario Fetka17 months
dbp/mdsGeos One's Mandriva Directory Server & Pulse2 Overlay Mario Fetka8 years
dbp/mysqlGeos One's Mysql Overlay Mario Fetka10 years
dbp/opsiGeos One's Opsi Overlay Mario Fetka4 years
dbp/virtualizationGeos One's Virtualization (vmware,virtualbox,qemu,kvm,vserver,.....) Overlay Mario Fetka8 years
dbp/yastGeos One's Yast2 Overlay Mario Fetka8 years
dbp/zarafaGeos One's Zarafa Overlay Mario Fetka6 years
debmon/check-mkcheck-mk Repository Mario Fetka23 months
debmon/croniecronie Repository Mario Fetka23 months
debmon/debhelperdebhelper Repository Mario Fetka
debmon/jmx4perljmx4perl Repository Mario Fetka4 years
debmon/libcrypt-blowfish-pp-perllibcrypt-blowfish-pp-perl Repository Mario Fetka4 years
debmon/libdigest-sha1-perllibdigest-sha1-perl Repository Mario Fetka4 years
debmon/mydumpermydumper Repository Mario Fetka22 months
debmon/nagios-business-process-addonNagios Nagios Business Process Addon Debain Repository Mario Fetka4 years
debmon/nagios-nrpeNagios Nrpe Debain Repository Mario Fetka3 years
debmon/nagios4nagios4 Repository Mario Fetka23 months
debmon/nagiosqlnagiosql Repository Mario Fetka23 months
debmon/openssl1.0openssl1.0 Repository Mario Fetka22 months
debmon/php-html-template-itphp-html-template-it Repository Mario Fetka3 years
debmon/pnp4nagiospnp4nagios Repository Mario Fetka4 years
debmon/prometheus-alertmanagerprometheus-alertmanager Repository Mario Fetka16 months

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