go-opsi/softwareok.desktopokGeos One Opsi Desktop OK package Peter Singer3 years
go-opsi/sourcefire.immunetGeos One Opsi Immunet package Mario Fetka3 years
go-opsi/sourceforge.classicshellGeos One Opsi Classic Shell package Peter Singer3 years
go-opsi/sourceforge.foldersizeGeos One Opsi Folder Size package Mario Fetka9 years
go-opsi/sourceforge.freefilesyncGeos One Opsi FreeFileSync package Mario Fetka3 years
go-opsi/sourceforge.freemindGeos One Opsi FreeMind package Mario Fetka3 years
go-opsi/sourceforge.freeplaneGeos One Opsi FreePlane (FreeMind Fork) package Mario Fetka
go-opsi/sourceforge.greenshotGeos One Opsi Greeshot Screenshot package Mario Fetka5 years
go-opsi/sourceforge.projectlibreGeos One Opsi Project Libre package Mario Fetka3 years
go-opsi/sourceforge.xmlstarletGeos One Opsi XMLStarlet command line XML toolkit package Mario Fetka4 years
go-opsi/srware.ironGeos One Opsi SrWare Iron package Mario Fetka2 years
go-opsi/syntevo.smartgithgGeos One Opsi Smart Git/Hg package Mario Fetka3 years
go-opsi/sysworksoft.vncmanagerGeos One Opsi VNC Manager package Mario Fetka4 years
go-opsi/sysworksoft.vncneighborhoodGeos One Opsi VNC Neighborhood package Mario Fetka4 years
go-opsi/teamviewer.teamviewer10Geos One Opsi TeamViewer 10 package Mario Fetka7 years
go-opsi/teamviewer.teamviewer11Geos One Opsi TeamViewer 11 package Mario Fetka5 years
go-opsi/teamviewer.teamviewer12Geos One Opsi TeamViewer 12 package Mario Fetka5 years
go-opsi/teamviewer.teamviewer7Geos One Opsi TeamViewer 7 package Mario Fetka9 years
go-opsi/teamviewer.teamviewer8Geos One Opsi TeamViewer 8 package Mario Fetka9 years
go-opsi/teamviewer.teamviewer9Geos One Opsi TeamViewer 9 package Mario Fetka8 years
go-opsi/telegram.desktopGeos One Opsi Telegram Desktop Fast and secure desktop app, perfectly synced wit...Mario Fetka3 years
go-opsi/tightvnc.jviewerGeos One Opsi TightVNC Java Viewer package Mario Fetka6 years
go-opsi/tightvnc.serverGeos One Opsi TightVNC Server package Mario Fetka3 years
go-opsi/tigris.tortoisesvnGeos One Opsi Tortoise SVN package Mario Fetka3 years
go-opsi/timesynctool.nettimeGeos One Opsi Simple Network Tome Protocoll package Mario Fetka5 years
go-opsi/tplink.wn721nGeos One Opsi TP-Link, WN721n WLAN USB Adapter driver package Dennis Trinks10 years
go-opsi/trendmicro.wfbsstd7Geos One Opsi TrendMicro Worry-FreeBusiness Security v7.x, Standard Dennis Trinks7 years
go-opsi/truecrypt.truecryptGeos One Opsi Truecrypt package Mario Fetka9 years
go-opsi/ut11.adsadminGeos One Opsi Ads Admin Mario Fetka
go-opsi/ut11.cmmadminGeos One Opsi Content Managment Admin Mario Fetka
go-opsi/ut11.smadminGeos One Opsi Smart Admin Mario Fetka
go-opsi/uwesieber.usbdlmGeos One Opsi USB Drive Letter Manager package Mario Fetka3 years
go-opsi/virtualgl.turbovncviewerGeos One Opsi TurboVNC Viewer package Dennis Trinks3 years
go-opsi/vivaldi.browserGeos One Opsi Vivaldi Browser package Mario Fetka2 years
go-opsi/vlc.mediaplayerGeos One Opsi VideoLanClient media player package Mario Fetka3 years
go-opsi/waterfoxproject.waterfoxGeos One Opsi Waterfox package Mario Fetka3 years
go-opsi/wickr.wickrGeos One Opsi Wickr encrypted Chat client package Mario Fetka3 years
go-opsi/windows.2nd-ipGeos One Opsi Configure static 2nd IP additionally to first IP Dennis Trinks10 years
go-opsi/windows.activationGeos One Opsi Windows license activation Dennis Trinks8 years
go-opsi/windows.domainjoinWindows domain join Dennis Trinks3 years
go-opsi/windows.termserverGeos One Opsi Concurrent Remote Desktop Session Package Mario Fetka9 years
go-opsi/winscp.winscpGeos One Opsi WinSCP package Mario Fetka2 years
go-opsi/wireshark.wiresharkGeos One Opsi Wireshark package Mario Fetka2 years
go-opsi/xnview.xnviewmpGeos One Opsi xnViewMP package Mario Fetka3 years
go-opsi/zarafa.clientGeos One Opsi Zarafa Outlook Connector package Mario Fetka3 years
go-opsi/zoiper.zoiperGeos One Opsi Zoiper VoIP client package Mario Fetka3 years
go-utilsGeos One loved Development utils Mario Fetka10 years
hwraid/3dm2HW Raid 3dm Cli Debian Repository Mario Fetka5 years
hwraid/arcconfHW Raid Adaptec/Microsemi CLI Debian Repository Mario Fetka3 years
hwraid/cciss-vol-statusHW Raid cciss-vol-status Debian Repository Mario Fetka5 years

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