hwraid/snapraidSnapraid Debian Repository Mario Fetka10 months
debmon/nagios-nrpeNagios Nrpe Debain Repository Mario Fetka13 months
dbp/lightscribeGeos One's LightScribe Overlay Mario Fetka13 months
dbp/linamhGeos One's Linux Administrators Heaven Projects Mario Fetka13 months
hwraid/xtreemfsSnapraid Debian Repository Mario Fetka23 months
websms/libapache2-mod-proxy-protocolDebian libapache2-mod-proxy-protocol Debian Repository Mario Fetka2 years
perl/libtest-simpleunit-perlPerl libtest-simpleunit-perl Debian Repository Mario Fetka2 years
perl/liblog-dispatch-file-rolling-perlPerl liblog-dispatch-file-rolling-perl Debian Repository Mario Fetka2 years
websms/redmineDebian Redmine Debian Repository Mario Fetka2 years
websms/proftpd-mod-proxy_protocolDebian proftpd-mod-proxy_protocol Debian Repository Mario Fetka2 years
go-opsi/notepadpp.notepadppGeos One Opsi Notepad++ package Mario Fetka2 years
go-opsi/vivaldi.browserGeos One Opsi Vivaldi Browser package Mario Fetka2 years
go-opsi/filezilla.clientGeos One Opsi FileZilla Client package Mario Fetka2 years
go-opsi/wireshark.wiresharkGeos One Opsi Wireshark package Mario Fetka2 years
go-opsi/winscp.winscpGeos One Opsi WinSCP package Mario Fetka2 years
go-opsi/documentfoundation.libreofficeGeos One Opsi LibreOffice package Mario Fetka2 years
go-opsi/googlecode.tortoisegitGeos One Opsi Tortoise Git package Mario Fetka2 years
go-opsi/microsoft.skypeGeos One Opsi Skype package Mario Fetka2 years
go-opsi/google.chromeGeos One Opsi Google Chrome package Mario Fetka2 years
go-opsi/srware.ironGeos One Opsi SrWare Iron package Mario Fetka2 years
go-opsi/opera.browserGeos One Opsi Opera Browser package Mario Fetka2 years
go-opsi/piriform.ccleanerGeos One Opsi CCleaner package Mario Fetka2 years
go-opsi/signal.desktopGeos One Opsi Signal Desktop Fast and secure desktop app, perfectly synced with ...Mario Fetka2 years
go-opsi/sereby.aioGeos One Opsi All In One Runtime package Mario Fetka2 years
go-opsi/mattermost.desktopGeos One Opsi Mattermost Desktop App package Mario Fetka2 years
go-opsi/gitscm.coreGeos One Opsi Git SCM Core package Mario Fetka2 years
go-opsi/mozilla.firefox.beGeos One Opsi Firefox BleedingEdge package Mario Fetka2 years
go-opsi/paintdotnet.paintdotnetGeos One Opsi Paint.NET package Mario Fetka2 years
go-opsi/mozilla.firefoxGeos One Opsi Firefox ESR package Mario Fetka2 years
go-opsi/adobe.acrobatreaderGeos One Opsi Acrobat Reader package Mario Fetka2 years
go-opsi/mozilla.thunderbirdGeos One Opsi Thunderbird ESR / BleedingEdge package Mario Fetka2 years
debmon/prometheus-pushgatewayprometheus-pushgateway Repository Mario Fetka2 years
debmon/prometheus-alertmanagerprometheus-alertmanager Repository Mario Fetka2 years
debmon/prometheusprometheus Repository Mario Fetka2 years
go-opsi/pdfsam.pdfsamGeos One Opsi PdfSAM package Mario Fetka3 years
go-opsi/peazip.peazipGeos One Opsi PeaZip package Mario Fetka3 years
hwraid/storcliHW Raid Lsi Cli Debian Repository Mario Fetka3 years
hwraid/ssaducliHW Raid HPE Diag Cli Debian Repository Mario Fetka3 years
hwraid/ssacliHW Raid HPE Cli Debian Repository Mario Fetka3 years
hwraid/sas3ircuHW Raid sas3ircu Debian Repository Mario Fetka3 years
hwraid/arcconfHW Raid Adaptec/Microsemi CLI Debian Repository Mario Fetka3 years
go-opsi/freecommander.freecommanderxeGeos One Opsi FreeCommander XE package Mario Fetka3 years
go-opsi/mysql.workbenchGeos One Opsi Projekt MySQL Workbench package Mario Fetka3 years
go-opsi/irfanview.irfanviewGeos One Opsi IrfanView package Mario Fetka3 years
go-opsi/nomachine.nxplayerGeos One Opsi NX Player package Mario Fetka3 years
go-opsi/gpg4win.gpg4winGeos One Opsi OpenPGP GPG4win package Mario Fetka3 years
go-opsi/danysys.SFTAGeos One Opsi Set File Type Association Default Application Command Line Windows...Mario Fetka3 years
go-opsi/bracketsio.bracketsGeos One Opsi Projekt The next-generation Web Editor package Mario Fetka3 years
go-opsi/cdburnerxp.cdburnerxpGeos One Opsi CDBurnerXP package Mario Fetka3 years
go-opsi/sourceforge.classicshellGeos One Opsi Classic Shell package Peter Singer3 years

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