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* change verison detect and other small fixesHEADmasterMario Fetka2013-09-161
* update all the functiosn now used in the msvc packU-XPBUILDBOT\mario2013-09-101
* remove opsi and change to 7z createMario Fetka2013-09-091
* change DistRoot to PackagePathMario Fetka2013-07-061
* change BinaryPath to DistPathMario Fetka2013-07-061
* split $ with the + to properly work; a proper solution for the extracted path...Mario Fetka2013-06-301
* make the binary path configurableMario Fetka2013-06-301
* ignore expired https certsMario Fetka2013-06-241
* add the possibility to add extra options to the extract process for ex passwo...Mario Fetka2013-03-281
* correct some templates and correct the overwrite support on all extractorsMario Fetka2013-03-181
* support images that go to the border of the image by adding a borderMario Fetka2013-03-111
* add an white border to the source image so if the images goes to the corners ...Mario Fetka2013-03-111
* correct coding styleMario Fetka2013-03-101
* add check for older verison of imagemagic about convert matte changeMario Fetka2013-03-101
* Beautify bash codeMario Fetka2013-03-101
* Touch ini file if not existMario Fetka2013-03-081
* add new samples and rename OPSI_INI_NAME to OPSI_INI_OPTION (ini typical naming)Mario Fetka2013-03-081
* add missing variable writeMario Fetka2013-03-081
* new samples and control file writerMario Fetka2013-03-071
* add ini writer supportMario Fetka2013-03-071
* Allow overwrite on extractMario Fetka2013-03-021
* add torrent support via adia2Mario Fetka2013-03-011
* correct convert script for new imagamagick 7.5.x.xMario Fetka2013-01-281
* Added cab file extractionPeter Singer2012-10-301
* add targz and tarbz2 supportMario Fetka2012-05-161
* add lha supportMario Fetka2012-04-201
* add unrar support (for broken rar packages not handled by 7zip)Mario Fetka2012-02-181
* add plowshare supportMario Fetka2012-02-181
* readd png8 for created imagesMario Fetka2012-02-141
* more commentsMario Fetka2012-02-141
* change border to white not blackMario Fetka2012-02-141
* create image with support for white interiorMario Fetka2012-02-141
* force 256 coloursMario Fetka2012-02-131
* create png8Mario Fetka2012-02-131
* change order for image convertMario Fetka2012-02-131
* make the imgae brighterMario Fetka2012-02-121
* apply rgb on the target image not the source imageMario Fetka2012-02-121
* Merge branch 'master' of Fetka2012-02-121
| * Fix: fix autopurging bug (probs mit sorting ..)DT Netsolution GmbH2012-02-061
* | force -colorspace RGB on created imagesMario Fetka2012-02-121
* - new: customize calling command "identity", "unix2dos" by using $CMD_identif...DT Netsolution GmbH2012-02-051
* Improvement: commands (7z, unzip, ..) are defined by global variables now. A...Daniel Schwager2012-02-031
* Merge branch 'master' of Schwager2012-02-011
| * correct typoMario Fetka2012-01-311
* | Added opsi-builder.cfg: CHECKSUM_AUTOCREATE: Every downloaded file is checked...Daniel Schwager2012-02-011
* - New: added semantic check of variable "TYPE"Daniel Schwager2012-01-301
* - moved image converting to builder-utils.hDaniel Schwager2012-01-291
* add support for source packages in archivesMario Fetka2012-01-291
* - moved builder frome itwatch to devtoolsDT Netsolution GmbH2012-01-271

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