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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFiles
* create image with support for white interiorMario Fetka2012-02-141
* force 256 coloursMario Fetka2012-02-131
* create png8Mario Fetka2012-02-131
* change order for image convertMario Fetka2012-02-131
* make the imgae brighterMario Fetka2012-02-121
* apply rgb on the target image not the source imageMario Fetka2012-02-121
* Merge branch 'master' of Fetka2012-02-122
| * - improvement: using command variable CMD_sha1sumDT Netsolution GmbH2012-02-071
| * - Improvement: using jenkins, a temp-direcory based on the date is not enough...DT Netsolution GmbH2012-02-061
| * - Improvement: Purging product version only related to a defined OPSI_REPOS_P...DT Netsolution GmbH2012-02-061
| * Fix: fix autopurging bug (probs mit sorting ..)DT Netsolution GmbH2012-02-062
* | force -colorspace RGB on created imagesMario Fetka2012-02-121
* GOPSI-6: Filling up hd with old builds. Adding autopurge optionsDT Netsolution GmbH2012-02-061
* - new: customize calling command "identity", "unix2dos" by using $CMD_identif...DT Netsolution GmbH2012-02-052
* New: Added OPSI_REPOS_OPSIMANAGER_INSTALL to opsi-builder.cfg. If set, the c...Daniel Schwager2012-02-041
* Improvement: commands (7z, unzip, ..) are defined by global variables now. A...Daniel Schwager2012-02-032
* renamed restric -> restrictedDaniel Schwager2012-02-021
* improvement: check, if opsi file exists in the repos (not checking only the d...Daniel Schwager2012-02-011
* - new: to customize the RELEASE in integration mode (STATUS=integration), STA...Daniel Schwager2012-02-011
* Merge branch 'master' of Schwager2012-02-011
| * correct typoMario Fetka2012-01-311
* | Added opsi-builder.cfg: CHECKSUM_AUTOCREATE: Every downloaded file is checked...Daniel Schwager2012-02-012
* - New: added semantic check of variable "TYPE"Daniel Schwager2012-01-302
* - moved image converting to builder-utils.hDaniel Schwager2012-01-292
* move creating INST_DIR-directory to prepare-target. Now, it can be use in oth...Daniel Schwager2012-01-291
* move distfile var to right locationMario Fetka2012-01-291
* add support for source packages in archivesMario Fetka2012-01-292
* Add propper image convert for every possible ratioMario Fetka2012-01-281
* unix2dos not dos2unixMario Fetka2012-01-281
* correct wrong lang detect by opsi-makeproductfileMario Fetka2012-01-281
* - code restructured: move code from builder_package to _createDaniel Schwager2012-01-281
* Moved STATUS information from project.cfg to builder.cfgDaniel Schwager2012-01-281
* Merge branch 'master' of Netsolution GmbH2012-01-281
| * - new: Status=Integration: RELEASE will be automatically createdDaniel Schwager2012-01-281
* | remove DRYSDT Netsolution GmbH2012-01-281
* - adding CREATOR_* variables. Place CREATOR_TAG to the package default filenameDT Netsolution GmbH2012-01-271
* - improvement: changed injection of VARs to *.ins filesDT Netsolution GmbH2012-01-271
* - moved builder frome itwatch to devtoolsDT Netsolution GmbH2012-01-272

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