BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterMake it work on 32bitMario Fetka9 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFiles
2013-11-05Make it work on 32bitHEADmasterMario Fetka1
2013-11-05Update to pld patches and integrate koan patchMario Fetka16
2011-11-14update patchesMario Fetka18
2011-11-13correct bug Fetka3
2011-11-13correct install dirMario Fetka4
2011-11-13add submodules for dosutils and mailMario Fetka6
2011-11-13Restructure for camke buildMario Fetka102
2011-11-12mars_nwe-0.99.pl21Mario Fetka9
2011-11-12mars_nwe-0.99.pl20Mario Fetka23
2011-11-12mars_nwe-0.99.pl19Mario Fetka75

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